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The success of the Rat Brewery's flavour packed cask ales has created a demand for Rat beers to be kegged. We are excited to offer a series of small batch craft keg beers evolved from the Rat Brewery's award winning cask ale range.


A characteristically German hazy wheat beer, flavours of banana and cloves are dominant thanks to the use of German wheat beer yeast. Fresh coriander gives a herbal spicy aroma which combines with German HBG hops added at the end of the boil.

Rat Crafted

A premium 5% golden ale packed full of American hops. Full bodied and malty but balanced with powerful citrus hop aromas from five separate additions of US Centennial hops.

Rat Attack

Refreshing amber coloured session bitter. Four generous additions of Cascade Hops result in an intense citrus hop aroma.


A rich, full bodied and warming Imperial Russian Stout. Powerful 7.4% with a pungent & lingering aftertaste.

Crazy Rat

An intensely hoppy 6% IPA. Pale golden in colour with a super full fruity flavour. Dry hoped with Chinook hops for a clinging dry and bitter aftertaste.

Rat Against The Machine

Our iconic flagship beer with a powerful 7% kick. Intensely hopped American Style IPA. Strong, pale and bitter with massive citrus hop aroma from Simcoe & Chinook hops.