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Since the very first brew of Lab Rat in 2011, our Brewers have created Rodent themed beers to critical acclaim!

The Rat has brewed a huge range of beer styles and always tried to experiment with varying colours, abv’s and ingredients. Our 'regular' beers have become firm favourites that we brew most often.

White Rat in particular has emerged as the flagship Rat Brewery beer. The winner of an increasing number of prestigious awards, White Rat is brewed at least three times every week, and yet is still limited to a select number of outlets due to the ever increasing demand.

White Rat

This very pale, hoppy ale made from low colour Maris Otter malt.  A combination of 3 high alpha American hops produce an intensely aromatic & resinous finish. Winner of many 'Beer of the Festival. Awards.

Volume 4.0%

Black Rat Porter

Four different malts combine to give a beer with burnt, coffee and chocloate malt character. Slightly sweet on the palate, but moderate bitterness & fruity / Spicy aroma come from English grown Bramling Cross hops.

Volume: 4.5% 

Hops: Bramling Cross

Colour: Black


King Rat New Zealand

A beer that is all about the Hops! The Nelson Sauvin variety from New Zealand give a unique "White Winey" aroma. Bitterness is high, but balanced by a nice residual malty sweetness

Volume: 5.0% 

Hops: Nelson Saluvin

Colour: Straw